Matric Farewell

My love for evening dresses started from a very young age, but more so when we started scouting for dresses for my own matric farewell last year.

I’m a young entrepreneur with a passion for beauty. I grew up with a love for beauty and cosmetic care and after graduating I was able to put my passion for beauty into reality by starting my own beauty boutique, Halo Gorgeous. I love to see how my clients transform into gorgeous women, wearing one of my designer dresses or glowing with ‘gorgeousness’ after one of our beauty treatments. Halo Gorgeous Boutique specialize at this moment in exclusive evening wear, fashionable nails and makeup, and will soon offer waxing, lashes, facials, tanning, massaging and much more as we grow bigger. Soon Halo Gorgeous will be your one stop shop for all your beauty, cosmetic needs and personal care.